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About us

Axus Technology has been in the equipment manufacturing market since 1997. With a young and dynamic team, today we are well-positioned in many Asia markets, capturing the next wave of industrialization in this region.

Our team believes in synergy. Be it sales network, supplier chains or localized vendors, we combine the strong factors of each and bring together the entire network. Through synergy with our business partners and our strong & dedicated engineering team, we are confident in taking on the ever-increasing market demand.

With setups and support centres in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and China, we constantly strive to exceed expectations of our valued Asian manufacturing customers.

Axus Technology is headquartered in Singapore.

This is where many of our pioneer designs are generated. Our in-house facilities comprise of bending & shear machines, welding & cutting with our consistency. With our group of experienced and professional engineers, we have turned many potential ideas into potential markets!