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Products - Aqueous Ultrasonic

Using ultrasonic technology, this system includes many transducers found at the base of critical tanks. Assembly component, held in a well arranged jigs, are immersed into combinations of chemical and Dl tanks. With calculated immersion timing, parts that went through the entire process are found to be of approved cleanliness.

To ensure water quality of the tanks, readings like resisitivity and PH values are fedback to the system, with appropriate alarm for discrepancy. The tanks are arranged in cascading manner, best achieved with the weir four sided overflow.
Cleaning is studied to be best at elevated temperatures, which is achieved in this system using bobby heating elements. Vacuum Oven is usually the last stage of the entire cleaning process.

Jigs are handled by cantilever robotic arm, transferring them from the loading station to the unloading station.

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