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Products - Spray Jet Cleaning

It has a detergent and replenishing tank and multi-stage Dl cascading tanks , along with metering pumps and PH control.

This version of spray cleaning uses high pressure multi-stage centrifugal pumps and stainless steel filter cartridges.

The system uses regenerative our blowers, compressed air and hot air oven to achieve complete dryness after wet cleaning.

Parts or trays are placed in vertical or horizontal position and fed automatically throughout the entire cleaning process. With intelligent feedback and control, processes operate automatically. Drying, complete with HEPAfilration cycle, is the stage where all residual particles or moisture will be purged.
A jig return conveyor can be included to bring the jigs back to loading station in Class 1000.

This system requires constant removel of hot misty air which is generated by the spray dissipation, regenerative blowers and oven. Through careful design of vent holes, air curtains and air flowlines, minimum heat and contamination is done to the clean-room environment.

- Spray Jet Cleaning
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