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Products - Vapor Degreaser

As the name implies, vapour degreaser uses the vapor state of solvent to degrease oil emulsion. The solvent tank, usually at a very deep depth,is being raised to its boiling point. During the process, vapor is released and raised upward. This vapor will enveloped and re-formed to liquid solvent on contact with the oily parts. This method of using vapor to degrease the parts is termed vapor degreasing. Slightly above this zone is the cooling zone, which is at much lower temperature, suppressing any vapor that would have otherwise escape to the enviroment. Super cooling zone can be created above the cooling zone. This new zone gives a better solvent retention rate, which is critical for a efficient vapor degreaser in terms of cost and health aspects.

Ultrasonic can also be deployed in the liquid solvent tank, giving an even better cleaning effect. Standard Vapor Degreaser is usually equipped with an exhaust hood and water separation sub tank. In case of mass production, hoist robot can be added on to eliminate human contact with the control system. A recycling unit can also be added to purify the solvent after many hours of run.

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